Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Here is a special post to say Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there, especially to my own.  So in tribute of Father's Day and to my own dad Jim, I would like to honor him with this blog post....

My dad and I don't have a sappy, loving doesn't work for us and I am glad for it. I am not a sappy, loving person.

We show we care with funny cards, uncomfortable "talks" and the $20 he used to slip into my purse when he would give me a hug as I drove back to NYC. (Apparently when you move back home to Ohio, that stops...)

He loves his grand-dog, Chloe.  She sent him a very special Father's Day picture of herself better be his phone background when I see him later, or Chloe will be very sad.  He even risks his own life and limb to cut her nails when they need done. (She has been banned from the PetSmart dog spa due to behavioral problems...I TOLD the lady it would be better if I held her, but she didn't listen)

He makes fun on me and rolls his eyes when I do "Christa" losing a piece of my headlight structure when I tried to be independent and change my own. (My light beam still veers off to the right a bit)

He took me to my first Brown's game at the old stadium...I don't think we made it much past the half, but I was young and don't remember much about poor brain probably got frozen too.

We share a love of Harry Potter and dinosaur bones...history and yes, I have been known to watch the original Star Wars movies with him.

He tortured me when I was young by forcing me to go to the Henry Ford museum...

He did those Dad things like teaching me how to drive (though he may not want to claim that now) and showing me how to put windshield wiper fluid in. (I do it in emergencies only)

He set up my cable and helped me move (several times). He was my rock when I dealt with the death of my Nana.

He can be a man of little words, or a philosopher of randomness my mom and I tend to block out at times....

He thinks it is hilarious I call them Todd and Sarah...we clash politically, but I can't imagine he would ever vote for HER.

He makes good drinks (Except those margarita's we had last time...they kind of sucked.)

He has a tractor that is usually broken down and I almost ran over him the first time (and last!) I ever rode it.

He is always there for me and I know I can count on him. He is, after all, the most stable male in my life.

As I close this, I just want to say thanks to my dad, wish him a great Father's Day, and tell him I am on my way over with my laundry...I may even weed our garden!  Get the London broil on the grill and that weeder thing ready!

Lastly, Happy Father's Day to my grandfathers, Grandpa Donnie and Pop....though gone, you are never forgotten.  

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Cletis said...

Lovely tribute, Christa.