Friday, June 10, 2011

Day in Review - Yes, I Have a Date Tonight

By some miracle of miracles, I have successfully gone on a first date with a man this week and plan on meeting him for a 2nd date tonight. Cross your fingers...that is all...

I have nothing to say tonight actually. I am babysitting an adorable pug named Zoe...she is laying on the couch next to me snoring like a chainsaw. It's cute. She belongs to my friend Laurel. I think I have been a good babysitter so far, but I may not be able to watch her again....I may get banned because I over fed her one day.  Laurel doesn't know, so don't tell her. Let's keep this a secret between us! 

See, Chloe is still on a semi-hunger strike and now that Zoe is here, it has gotten worse. I have had to separate them while the are eating so they both eat out of their own bowl. Yesterday, I got distracted by Wolf Blitzer and the announcement of the 24,000 Sarah Palin e-mails being released and of course I lost my train of thought and became unaware of my surroundings. Next thing I know Zoe is finishing up the last bite of Chloe's food.  Long story short, Zoe had two dinners like a hobbit and Chloe had zero dinners like me when I forget to eat. (Yes, it happens sometimes).

As you can see, I think I dropped the ball and now can't be trusted to watch Zoe anymore. Actually, I have lost her at this moment...she jumped off the couch and has disappeared...


Ok...found her.  She was hanging out in the bathroom for some reason.  Luckily she didn't run away...that would really get me fired from being a dog watcher.

Let's move on...did I mention I have an actual date tonight?  I did? Just checking...

I am going to want to talk about this whole Sarah Palin "Family Vacation" thing at some point, but really been distracted because I am waiting to see if she will make the biggest mistake of her life and throw her hair in the ring to be the Republican nominee for President. I think she will...obviously that was no family vacation.  However, maybe these e-mails released will be damaging. I was able to read this one:

(Via Huffington Post)
 From: Sarah Palin

You know you're my baby girl and all, and I love you either way, but...if you don't win Dancing With the Stars, we're all going to hell and the terrorists will win.

Make Mommy proud!


<3 Sarah (Mommy)

If you want to see more of these, check out Huffington Post here:  They are hilarious!

In something that is not hilarious, I have been watching the Cassie Anthony trial...sickening. I actually teared up today and I don't even know these people, it is just so sad. I stumbled upon it the other day and was hooked.  Will definitely be looking forward to the verdict on this case.

Since I have a date tonight, I better sign off, but wanted to put up the latest and greatest news.  Peace til we meet again!


Cletis said...

I hope you have a lovely evening. Hopefully, he will be kind and understanding with a dash of enigmatic pirateness about him. Is pirateness a word? Hell, for that matter, is enigmatic a word?

My sign in word is freoness. Is that a word?

Elizabeth said...

I don't know if you have tried before but I thought I'd let you know that I have a link to their free communication weekend on my blog:

P.S. I've been told I'm a Palin look-a-like. I think it's just the brown hair, glasses, and somewhat-attractiveness (more than the average politician type).