Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trip to Florida - Lucky Morning

Reminder - No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post. Any animal that is mentioned was deceased unless specified.

Went to the beach this morning, then out to breakfast. We have been looking for shells all week, specifically whole sand dollar shells. We have had zero luck until today. We finally found one whole sand dollar shell.  I seriously almost dived into the ocean to get it, but I finally go it. Soaked from my toes to shoulders, we continued to walk down the beach.

About 15 minutes later, we had turned around and headed back. I glanced down into the surf and saw...a starfish...just hanging out in the sand. I called for my dad because I was half afraid of it and I am also terrified of fish so I wanted to make sure there were no fish around. A random man came over with a fluorescent green shirt and no pants. He told me it was alright to pick it up and I should see if it was alive.  It certainly was alive.  It was soft and moving along my palms.  It was an extremely cool experience and nothing like the hard starfish you see in the stores.  It was very pliable and you could see all of it's little feet move.  We took pictures and my dad took it way out into the sea, hopefully safe from harm.. 

Me holding the live starfish.

Not two feet down the shore, I look down and see another starfish...this time, I had no fear and picked it right up. It was hard and not moving, obviously dead. We ended up bringing it back, did some research and have now begun the preservation process.  It was an extremely cool morning and very lucky.  One whole sand dollar shell and two starfish (though one was dead).

Back to the beach today for just a bit.  Mom and dad bought a house down here so there are meetings to go to and papers to sign...all of it needs to be done by tomorrow.  A little wrench in our plans and some things have needed to be left out of our plans, but now that we know we can come down whenever we want, it doesn't seem so bad.

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Adam said...

Amazing. Hopefully you can take friends whenever you want too!